What Does It Mean To Be an Aesthetic CRNA

A few years ago I stopped everything I was doing and took a day just for myself. I love my family and I enjoyed my career as a CRNA but the way I was living was not what I wanted. I was busy all the time never had any "me" time, often missed opportunities to spend with the kids and was generally run down tired and exhausted. I was in a cycle of getting run down from the stress and demands of being a CRNA in the operating room would spend may day off recovering just to repeat the same cycle. I came to a realization that I had no control over my life. My work schedule was dictated by the anesthesia group/ hospital and I never knew when I would be out of the OR. After all, if there was an emergency add on it was you, your family, and your kids that had to come second. I realized that I really resented that especially when many of the emergency add ons were not really emergencies. This had to change it wasn't fair to me or my family to always be second place.

It was time to redefine who I was ...

An Aesthetic CRNA:

  • Defines the life they want to live
  • Creates the Career where they will thrive
  • Perfects the art of aesthetic medicine
  • Takes the road less traveled
  • I am an Aesthetic CRNA!

Is Aesthetics right for You?

CRNAs have the excellent clinical skills and an understanding of anatomy and physiology greater than many other trades in the medical industry. Many CRNAs are using their excellent patient skills, understanding of anatomy, and medical skills in injecting in the booming aesthetic industry.

Find out if the world of aesthetics could be right for you!

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How To Go From Anesthesia To Aesthetics?

CRNAs are arguably the highest trained nurses in the world. Now there is a pathway to take your excellence in medical and patient skill and apply that to the field of aesthetics.

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Discover If You Can Practice Aesthetics In Your State

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The Best You Can Get

Best Patient Comfort

Because CRNAs were nurses first we have excellent ability to communicate and set expectations with patients.

High Profile


Detailed Training. Because of our advanced medical knowledge special training programs exist to help CRNAs use their skills to learn aesthetics

Meeting The Increased Demand For Aesthetic Procedures.

Even if every plastic surgeon and dermatologist spent their entire day injecting there would not be enough providers for the huge increase in demand for aesthetics procedures. CRNAs meet this gap in the market.

High End


With the proper training CRNAs can used their advanced skill set to introduce regenerative procedures and technologies into the field of aesthetics. "Where regenerative medicine meets aesthetic medicine is fastest growing area of medicine currently."

CRNA Fields of Specialization


Legal Consulting

Regenerative Medicine

Pain Management

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